Wisconsin Health Insurance Exchange

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare or PPACA), gave states three options to implement a health insurance exchange: an exchange built by the state of Wisconsin subject to the federal guidelines/mandate, a partnership plan requiring Wisconsin to perform some functions on behalf of the federal government, or a federal managed health insurance exchange developed and managed by the federal government. Although the three options are significantly different, they are all still mandated and governed under the PPACA.

Regardless of the option chosen in Wisconsin, the taxpayers will not have much control over the health insurance policies and sold to and provided to Wisconsin residents. Under the state option, however, Wisconsin residents face risk from a federal health insurance mandate which lacks long-term guaranteed funding.

Wisconsin currently has an insured rate of over 90 percent. With the implementation of the federal mandates, Wisconsin will lose flexibility that has allowed it to be an innovator in health-care reform and coverage.  Under the law, Wisconsinites will lose the flexibility to protect our taxpayers.  As such, Governor Walker will not develop a state based or partnership exchange.

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