Medicaid and the Election

On average of two out of three people in Wisconsin nursing homes that depend on Medicaid to pay for their healthcare.  This represents about 14% of the $7 billion that the federal government and Wisconsin will pay towards healthcare programs this year.  Medicaid has been shadowed by the topic of Medicare in the presidential campaign, though Medicaid provides healthcare for more people; approximately 1 million in Wisconsin and over 60 million throughout the US.  This healthcare coverage costs the US about $400 billion each year.

This topic is one of the largest differences between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. President Obama would like to expand the program under the Affordable Care Act, growing the federal program by close to 15 million people.  Romney proposes to convert federal support of Medicaid to a block grant as well as capping any future increases in federal funding to the rate of inflation plus 1% and population growth.

Either way, Wisconsin residents on Medicaid programs such as Badger Care and Family Care will be affected by this year’s presidential election.

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