Keeping Health Costs and Insurance Costs Down

Experts are looking to smaller organizations in effort to slow rising health care costs and their impact on health insurance premiums.  One of these organizations is Bellin Health, a health care system based in Green Bay, WI.  Bellin has been recognized for improving the quality of care for Wisconsin residents while keeping their costs from rising.  This has been mostly done by making primary care doctors and nurses more accessible to their patients.

Bellin Health is in the top 4 percent of hospitals that have kept their costs down over the past couple years.  It is estimated that Bellin has slowed the pace in health care spending to the point that they are saving approximately $500,000 a year. They have been able to do this while remaining as one of the finest in providing quality care.  They have been chosen as one of 32 groups to test a new Medicare payment system by the federal government.  This new Medicare payment system will reward providers if they reduce spending, but will penalize them if their costs drastically rise.

Bellin’s philosophy is providing medical attention quickly.  They try to guarantee in providing their patients the care they require on the day the call.  They have opened FastCare clinics in Shopko stores in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area.  Their own employee’s are able to use their FastCare clinics free of charge in effort to avoid more expensive emergency visits.  They believe this has saved the Wisconsin based organization over $50 million in the past four years.

Arise Health which is also based in Green Bay proudly offers Bellin as a network provider.  Badgerland health is a licensed agent appointed with Arise.  To receive a quote with Arise, click here.

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