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Our Mission

Badgerland Health Insurance is Wisconsin's premiere health insurance broker. Our trained brokers will help you find affordable health insurance in Wisconsin.

We represent the major health insurance companies in Wisconsin, and want to help you find a health insurance plan that meets your needs.

Whether you are an individual, family or small business owner, we have health plans that can meet your needs and budget.

Let Badgerland Health help you take the quess work out of comparing health insurance plans.




Types of Plans Our Agents Offer:

Copay Plans - Our copayment plans feature set payments, or copayments for certain types of services so you will know in advance what your out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions, preventative care and doctor visits will be. You may pay a higher monthly premium for these plans but you will not have to meet a deductible for the services that are eligible for a copayment. Available in an HMO, PPO and POS option.

HSA Plans - High deductible health plans (HDHP) also known as HSA plans combine a high deductible health insurance policy with a special, tax-qualified savings account (HSA) that has tax advantages similar to an IRA. With an HSA insurance plan, you'll save on premiums because of the high deductible, and you'll save on taxes by contributing premiums you save into your savings account. Many HSA plans also cover preventative care before the deductible.  Available in an HMO, PPO and POS option. 

Short Term Health Insurance - Short-Term medical plans are ideal for people who need coverage for a specific period of time.  Typically these plans are for people who are in-between jobs.  These plans not recommended if you do not know when you will next have coverage, as the typically only last up to six months.  Click here for a instant quote.  Short Term Health insurance in Wisconsin is a relatively quick applicaiton process.

Group Plans - We offer group plans for Wisconsin based small and medium sized businesses.  We have a wide variety of plan features that we can use to customize a plan for you and your employees.

Ancillary Products - In addition to traditional health insurance, we offer dental insurance, life insurance and accident insurance as add-on or stand-alone products for both individuals and groups. 




Our Companies
WPS Health Insurance
Assurant Health
Healthy 1
American Community Mutual Insurance Company
Prevea 360 

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